How To Start An Online Business Using The IM Success Map System

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Welcome to the IM Success Map system homepage. This entire platform has been designed to help you realize the true potential that you possess to turn any passion, desire or hobby you have into a fun and profitable online business. Lots of people come online hoping to learn how to start an online business and find themselves bombarded with opportunities that wind up being little more than another job – and in many cases… it winds up being a job that actually costs you money!

My name is Mike Purvis, and I’m the creator of the IM Success Map system. I’ve been online full time for a little better than five years at this point. I’m a real person who faced many of the struggles and confusions that you’re likely facing when trying to decide how to go about starting your online business.

Now I was a mechanic, and then service manager for a national auto franchise, and when I finally decided it was time to put myself in more control of my time and income, I started looking at offline business opportunities and franchises and was literally frightened off by the expense and risk associated with starting an offline business. So I started looking at some Online Business ideas – and the instant that shift happened, and I realized the true power and potential of the internet to reach a larger audience and have a greater impact on the world… as soon as I realized I could simply share what I was already passionate about, and that I could really and truly help other people – and make money at the…

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