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Import Direct from China – How to Avoid the Middleman

How to import direct from manufacturers in China and avoid the middleman. I’ve outlined everything I have learned from 22 years in the importing business.

Updated constantly (last revision in August, 2013) so you know the information you are getting is current and relevant.

I have just gone through your book and I really enjoyed it. There seems to be a path to this model that can lead to a real lucrative business. Thanks again for the help.

I don’t want unhappy customers. I am not going to insult your intelligence by offering $$$hundreds worth of e-books for free. Remember if an offer sounds too good to be true it probably is. Those free e-books are usually obtained from Internet marketers who give them away free in the first place, and many are out of date!

Would you pay $50 to avoid losing $12,000? Well, if when I started importing back in 1987 I had known what could happen I would have willingly paid a lot more than that. I got badly burnt by one of the scams that I warn you about and it cost me (in today’s dollars) about $12,000.00 (that was $6,000 in 1987) OUCH! There are other traps for the unwary and I help you avoid them.

What you will get in my report is down to earth, practical advice and step by step instructions. All this is based on my own long experience. I started importing in 1987 as a one man business. I also had a good marketing system so by the time I retired I had sold franchises in 4 countries all selling the imported goods I had sourced. Only my heart surgery and forced retirement several years ago prevented me from expanding even further. Writing this report to help other younger entrepreneurs is enjoyable and keeps my brain working.

After reading your import guide thoroughly I would just like…

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